About Ecoprogetti
Modern believes in investment in Research and Development to drive innovation. Modern ispioneering new and innovative applications of Photovoltaic cells. The Operational Excellence principles drives highly efficient manufacturing processes.
Quality is central to all of our product lines and processes. Modern is built on the principles of Operational Excellence. Inspired by the Six Sigma methodologies, Modern applies methodical data driven approach to quality management.
Six Sigma is core to our day to day quality management. A six-sigma process is one in which 99.99966% of the products manufactured are free of defects The PV modules are designed with cutting-edge technology, promising to deliver the best and the most, in terms of energy.
Ecoprogetti offers for each step of the process the best solutions of automation and quality. Change To: "Ecoprogetti offers the best solutions for automation and quality for each step of the module manufacturing process".

EPC FOR Power Plant

Modern Group of Industries has been leading the innovation for last 30 years in various industries including Wind Turbines, Jewellery Manufacturing and Conveyor Systems Manufacturing. Here at Kolkata, India, the Modern group has demonstrated success in multiple areas.

SOLAR Water Pump

Modern Group of Industries Water pumping is an ideal application for solar power. Rather than using batteries, solar pump systems store water in tanks or reservoirs while the sun shines. solar pumping is suited to small and medium pumping requirements.

SOLAR Street & Home Light

Modern Group of Industries solar street lighting system is designed to operate in a rugged weather conditions to suit all terrain. The photo voltaic modules charge the batteries during the day times. At dusk an automotive sensor switches on a powerful high efficiency light .

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