Solar Lighting System


Home Lighting System

Prolight systems solar street lighting system is designed to operate in a rugged weather conditions to suit all terrain. The photo voltaic modules charge the batteries during the day times. At dusk an automotive sensor switches on a powerful high efficiency light of PL-11W capacity. At dawn the lamp is switched off automatically.

Model NameLightBattery (With Battery Box)PV PanelDescription
Model No.13W LED12 Ah30WPower coated M.S. Unit Box, Entertainment kit (USB or Radio) Mobile Charger Electricity charger backup


Street Lighting System

Solar street lights can be used as yard lighting, peripheral lighting for industries, street lights in layout, compound lights etc. These lights are extremely interesting because they are almost like mini-satellites. They generate and store their own power during the day and then release it at night. This is just like a satellite that stores solar energy while it is on the sunny side of the planet and then uses that energy when it's on the dark side.

Model NameLightBattery
(With Battery Box)
PV Panel
Model No. 18W LED12 Ah15ft Pole with 1.5mm thickness X3" diameter30W
Model No. 212W26 Ah15ft Pole with 1.5mm thickness X3" diameter50W
Model No. 318W40 Ah15ft Pole with 1.5mm thickness X3" diameter74W